Upcoming UK Ex Dividend Dates

Last updated: 02 Sep 2014
Ex Dividend Date:

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Yield Declaration Date Ex Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
PHNXView PHNX Details Phoenix Group HoldingsFTSE 250751.5p26.7p  3.55%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep02-Oct
JAMView JAM Details JPMorgan American Investment TrustFTSE 250261p1p  0.38%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep08-Oct
KGPView KGP Details Kingspan GroupMain Market13.2450.0625  0.47%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
SHPView SHP Details ShireFTSE 1004915p2.242p  0.05%18-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
PGHView PGH Details Personal Group HoldingsAIM550p4.9p  0.89%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep25-Sep
PWSView PWS Details Pinewood SheppertonAIM530p1.9p  0.36%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep06-Oct
RECIView RECI Details Real Estate Credit Investments PCCFTSE SmallCap166p2.7p  1.63%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
BSCView BSC Details British Smaller Companies VCT2Main Market60p2p  3.33%15-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep07-Oct
ARMView ARM Details ARM HoldingsFTSE 100986.5p2.52p  0.26%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
BDVView BDV Details Baronsmead VCTMain Market76p3.5p  4.61%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
GFTUView GFTU Details Grafton GroupFTSE 250646p3.75p  0.58%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
POLYView POLY Details Polymetal InternationalFTSE 250534.5p$0.08  0.90%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
MCROView MCRO Details Micro Focus InternationalFTSE 250874p17.7p  2.03%19-Jun   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
GLENView GLEN Details GlencoreFTSE 100367.7p$0.06  0.99%20-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
IPFView IPF Details International Personal FinanceFTSE 250525p4.2p  0.80%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
BETView BET Details Betfair GroupFTSE 2501096p14p  1.28%11-Jun   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
CEYView CEY Details CentaminFTSE 25065.95p$0.0087  0.80%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
HGTView HGT Details HgCapital TrustFTSE SmallCap1052p19p  1.81%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
JLTView JLT Details Jardine Lloyd Thompson GroupFTSE 2501051p10.6p  1.01%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
STSView STS Details Securities Trust of ScotlandFTSE SmallCap145.5p1.15p  0.79%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
HDIVView HDIV Details Henderson Diversified IncomeFTSE SmallCap92.75p1.25p  1.35%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep30-Sep
AVSView AVS Details Avesco GroupAIM120p1.5p  1.25%17-Jun   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
SDVView SDV Details Small Companies Dividend TrustFTSE Fledgling173p1.575p  0.91%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep18-Sep
BVTView BVT Details Baronsmead VCT 2Main Market98.5p4.5p  4.57%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
CLLNView CLLN Details CarillionFTSE 250339.7p5.6p  1.65%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep05-Nov
AADDView AADD Details Albion Development VCT DMain Market101p2.5p  2.48%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep30-Sep
ARBBView ARBB Details Arbuthnot Banking GroupAIM1066p11p  1.03%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
STCKView STCK Details Stock Spirits GroupFTSE 250299p0.0125  0.33%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
PMPView PMP Details Portmeirion GroupAIM890p5.5p  0.62%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
DIAView DIA Details DialightFTSE SmallCap924p5.2p  0.56%21-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep06-Oct
JLIFView JLIF Details John Laing Infrastructure FundFTSE 250120.7p3.25p  2.69%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep20-Oct
AADVView AADV Details Albion Development VCTMain Market71p2.5p  3.52%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep30-Sep
AGKView AGK Details AggrekoFTSE 1001702p9.38p  0.55%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
PLIView PLI Details Perpetual Income & Growth Inv TstFTSE 250376.2p2.8p  0.74%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep30-Sep
CAPCView CAPC Details Capital & Counties PropertiesFTSE 250332p0.5p  0.15%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
XARView XAR Details XaarFTSE 250425.7p3p  0.70%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
PNLView PNL Details Personal Assets TrustFTSE 25034400p140p  0.41%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep16-Oct
NEXView NEX Details National Express GroupFTSE 250257.5p3.35p  1.30%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
888View 888 Details 888 HoldingsFTSE SmallCap127.25p$0.035  1.66%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
RWAView RWA Details Robert WaltersFTSE SmallCap316.75p1.65p  0.52%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep17-Oct
ZTFView ZTF Details ZotefoamsMain Market252p1.75p  0.69%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep09-Oct
MAV4View MAV4 Details Maven Income & Growth VCT 4Main Market90.5p2.1p  2.32%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
ESURView ESUR Details esure GroupFTSE 250269p5.1p  1.90%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep17-Oct
PAPView PAP Details Paddy PowerMain Market51.230.5  0.98%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
SLETView SLET Details Standard Life Equity Income TrustFTSE SmallCap406p3.2p  0.79%18-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
BLTView BLT Details BHP BillitonFTSE 1001921p$0.62  1.95%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep23-Sep
CINEView CINE Details Cineworld GroupFTSE 250326.5p3.8p  1.16%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
PPHView PPH Details PPHE Hotel GroupMain Market460p9p  1.96%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep16-Oct
SRPView SRP Details Serco GroupFTSE 250315.3p3.1p  0.98%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep17-Oct
BMDView BMD Details Baronsmead VCT 3Main Market105.5p4.5p  4.27%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
HTYView HTY Details HellermannTyton GroupFTSE 250308p0.0282  0.73%22-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep15-Oct
RGUView RGU Details RegusFTSE 250173.6p1.25p  0.72%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
INSEView INSE Details Inspired EnergyAIM13p0.07p  0.54%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Nov
TT.View TT. Details TUI TravelFTSE 100371.8p4.05p  1.09%13-May   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
FFYView FFY Details FyffesMain Market84p0.00714  0.68%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep06-Oct
CALView CAL Details Capital & RegionalFTSE SmallCap49.25p0.35p  0.71%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
CAMView CAM Details CamelliaFTSE SmallCap9900p34p  0.34%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
UTVView UTV Details UTV MediaFTSE SmallCap206.5p1.82p  0.88%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep15-Oct
BRLAView BRLA Details BlackRock Latin American Inv TrustFTSE SmallCap501.5p$0.15  1.81%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
BNSView BNS Details Baronsmead VCT 4Main Market93.75p3p  3.20%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
AMOView AMO Details Amino TechnologiesAIM97p1.15p  1.19%14-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep19-Sep
AMLView AML Details AmlinFTSE 250450.9p8.1p  1.80%18-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep02-Oct
IONBView IONB Details IONA Environmental VCT BMain Market80p1p  1.25%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep12-Sep
ION1View ION1 Details IONA Environmental VCTMain Market80p2.91p  3.64%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep12-Sep
XPPView XPP Details XP PowerFTSE SmallCap1600p13p  0.81%08-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep10-Oct
NVAView NVA Details Novae GroupFTSE SmallCap549p6.6p  1.20%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
RTCView RTC Details RTC GroupAIM40p0.5p  1.25%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
GRGView GRG Details GreggsFTSE SmallCap545.5p6p  1.10%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
FCIView FCI Details F&C Capital & Income Inv TrustFTSE SmallCap265.25p2.25p  0.85%20-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep30-Sep
FOXTView FOXT Details Foxtons GroupFTSE 250243p4.54p  1.87%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep26-Sep
MPIView MPI Details Michael Page InternationalFTSE 250452p3.42p  0.76%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep03-Oct
FBHView FBH Details FBD HoldingsMain Market15.20.17  1.12%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement03-Sep01-Oct
CFXView CFX Details Colefax GroupAIM345p2.2p  0.64%17-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep09-Oct
APRView APR Details APR EnergyMain Market511p3.3p  0.65%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
RNKView RNK Details Rank GroupFTSE 250164.2p3.15p  1.92%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep22-Oct
ELMView ELM Details ElementisFTSE 250280.6p1.588p  0.57%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep03-Oct
ARWView ARW Details Arrow Global GroupFTSE SmallCap249.5p1.7p  0.68%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep09-Oct
GFSView GFS Details G4SFTSE 100266.7p3.42p  1.28%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep17-Oct
HGLView HGL Details Henderson Global TrustFTSE SmallCap378p2.5p  0.66%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep01-Oct
SL.View SL. Details Standard LifeFTSE 100382.8p5.6p  1.46%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep21-Oct
LANDView LAND Details Land Securities GroupFTSE 1001068p7.9p  0.74%17-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
STVGView STVG Details STV GroupFTSE SmallCap379p2p  0.53%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep14-Oct
CKNView CKN Details ClarksonFTSE SmallCap2377p21p  0.88%18-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep26-Sep
ADMView ADM Details Admiral GroupFTSE 1001327p49.4p  3.72%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
TXHView TXH Details Tex HoldingsFTSE Fledgling94p2p  2.13%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep06-Oct
SWJView SWJ Details Swan (John) & SonsAIM650p5p  0.77%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
BRSNView BRSN Details BerendsenFTSE 2501084p9.5p  0.88%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
CHHView CHH Details Churchill ChinaAIM490p5.1p  1.04%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep03-Oct
TETView TET Details TreattFTSE Fledgling161p1.24p  0.77%20-May   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep17-Oct
BBGIView BBGI Details Bilfinger Berger Global InfrastructureFTSE SmallCap124.25p2.88p  2.32%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep02-Oct
SVSView SVS Details SavillsFTSE 250644p3.75p  0.58%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep13-Oct
CIUView CIU Details CapeFTSE SmallCap311.5p4.5p  1.44%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
HATView HAT Details H&T GroupAIM179.75p2.1p  1.17%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
DTGView DTG Details Dart GroupAIM220.5p2.14p  0.97%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep17-Oct
CMSView CMS Details CommunisisFTSE SmallCap67p0.67p  1.00%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep09-Oct
MTWView MTW Details Mattioli WoodsAIM445p6p  1.35%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep21-Oct
CNCView CNC Details Concurrent TechnologiesAIM46p0.65p  1.41%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep26-Sep
TMPLView TMPL Details Temple Bar Investment TrustFTSE 2501264p15.55p  1.23%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep30-Sep
DRTYView DRTY Details DartyFTSE SmallCap84.5p0.02625  2.47%19-Jun   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep03-Oct
HDTView HDT Details Holders TechnologyAIM50p1p  2.00%25-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep07-Oct
ANHView ANH Details Al Noor Hospitals GroupFTSE 2501149p3.7p  0.32%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
CSNView CSN Details ChesnaraFTSE SmallCap335.25p6.42p  1.91%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep15-Oct
CAUView CAU Details Centaur MediaFTSE SmallCap59.25p1.7p  2.87%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
BSETView BSET Details British Assets TrustFTSE SmallCap138.25p1.53p  1.11%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
BPTYView BPTY Details bwin.party digital entertainmentFTSE 25091.1p1.89p  2.07%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
SMTGView SMTG Details Summit GermanyAIM0.640.0055  0.86%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep30-Sep
RATView RAT Details Rathbone BrothersFTSE 2502046p19p  0.93%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep08-Oct
CTOView CTO Details Clarke (T.)FTSE Fledgling50.5p0.5p  0.99%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
JEOView JEO Details Jupiter European Opportunities TrustFTSE SmallCap431.5p3.5p  0.81%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
RTNView RTN Details Restaurant GroupFTSE 250650p6.1p  0.94%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep09-Oct
LVDView LVD Details Lavendon GroupFTSE SmallCap194.75p1.4p  0.72%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
GDWNView GDWN Details GoodwinFTSE SmallCap3700p42.348p  1.14%25-Jul   View Dividend Announcement10-Sep10-Oct
BBAView BBA Details BBA AviationFTSE 250327.4p$0.0462  0.85%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep31-Oct
ICGCView ICGC Details Irish Continental GroupMain Market30.03465  1.16%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep03-Oct
PFCView PFC Details PetrofacFTSE 1001129p$0.22  1.18%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
CVRView CVR Details Conviviality RetailAIM170p6p  3.53%14-Jul   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
DLNView DLN Details Derwent LondonFTSE 2502796p11.65p  0.42%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep23-Oct
ANTOView ANTO Details AntofagastaFTSE 100791.5p$0.117  0.89%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep09-Oct
RPSView RPS Details RPS GroupFTSE 250286.7p4.05p  1.41%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep16-Oct
PHPView PHP Details Primary Health PropertiesFTSE SmallCap349p9.75p  2.79%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep07-Nov
INPPView INPP Details International Public PartnershipFTSE 250135.7p3.15p  2.32%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep24-Oct
ADTView ADT Details AdEPT TelecomAIM125p1.5p  1.20%08-Jul   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep10-Oct
STEView STE Details Stewart & WightMain Market500p16p  3.20%12-Jun   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep13-Oct
CHWView CHW Details Chime CommunicationsFTSE SmallCap317.25p2.53p  0.80%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep10-Oct
BESTView BEST Details Best of the BestAIM76p1.1p  1.45%10-Jun   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
HSLView HSL Details Henderson Smaller Cos Inv TrustFTSE SmallCap539.5p8p  1.48%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep10-Oct
COSTView COST Details Costain GroupFTSE SmallCap290p3.25p  1.12%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep24-Oct
OSECView OSEC Details Octopus AIM VCT 2Main Market81.5p2p  2.45%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
AIFView AIF Details Acorn Income FundMain Market339p3.25p  0.96%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep30-Sep
TRBView TRB Details Tribal GroupFTSE SmallCap181p0.6p  0.33%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
CSRTView CSRT Details Consort MedicalFTSE SmallCap916.5p13.35p  1.46%17-Jun   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep24-Oct
MLINView MLIN Details MolinsFTSE Fledgling140p2.5p  1.79%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep09-Oct
FTVIView FTVI Details Foresight VCT InfrastructureMain Market93p2.5p  2.69%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep30-Sep
SLSView SLS Details Standard Life UK Smaller Cos TrustFTSE SmallCap288p3.23p  1.12%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep16-Oct
IRVView IRV Details InterserveFTSE 250657.5p7.5p  1.14%06-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep23-Oct
MROView MRO Details Melrose IndustriesFTSE 250274.6p2.8p  1.02%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep16-Oct
RSWView RSW Details RenishawFTSE 2501674p29.87p  1.78%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep20-Oct
HCFTView HCFT Details Highcroft InvestmentsFTSE Fledgling860p13.25p  1.54%22-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
CCCView CCC Details ComputacenterFTSE 250619.5p5.9p  0.95%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
NEPView NEP Details Neptune-Calculus Inc & Growth VCTMain Market40p1p  2.50%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep15-Oct
TOTView TOT Details Total ProduceAIM80p0.0064  0.64%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep17-Oct
CRMView CRM Details Carr's Milling IndustriesFTSE SmallCap1750p8.5p  0.49%21-Jul   View Dividend Announcement17-Sep10-Oct
SIAView SIA Details Soco InternationalFTSE 250415p22p  5.30%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Sep10-Oct
TTAView TTA Details TotalMain Market50.250.61  1.21%30-Apr   View Dividend Announcement23-Sep26-Sep
WYNView WYN Details Wynnstay GroupAIM605p3.4p  0.56%18-Jun   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep31-Oct
HHIView HHI Details Henderson High Income TrustFTSE SmallCap179p2.175p  1.22%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep31-Oct
WYGView WYG Details WYGAIM111p0.5p  0.45%03-Jun   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep03-Nov
ESNTView ESNT Details EssentraFTSE 250870.5p5.7p  0.65%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep30-Oct
BVSView BVS Details Bovis Homes GroupFTSE 250837p12p  1.43%18-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep21-Nov
PTECView PTEC Details PlaytechFTSE 250715p0.089  0.99%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep27-Oct
ALNTView ALNT Details AlentFTSE 250355.9p3p  0.84%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep17-Oct
CRSTView CRST Details Crest Nicholson HoldingsFTSE 250349.9p4.1p  1.17%17-Jun   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep09-Oct
BHYView BHY Details Boot (Henry)FTSE SmallCap205p2.1p  1.02%22-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep24-Oct
OXIGView OXIG Details Oxford InstrumentsFTSE 2501157p9.04p  0.78%10-Jun   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep23-Oct
DRXView DRX Details Drax GroupFTSE 250628p4.7p  0.75%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep10-Oct
FKEView FKE Details FiskeAIM60p0.35p  0.58%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep17-Oct
DAYView DAY Details Daisy GroupAIM194p3.1p  1.60%17-Jun   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep17-Oct
VTCView VTC Details Vitec GroupFTSE SmallCap606.5p9.3p  1.53%14-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep24-Oct
SERVView SERV Details Servelec GroupFTSE SmallCap270p1.5p  0.56%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep31-Oct
GMSView GMS Details Gulf Marine ServicesFTSE SmallCap154.75p0.41p  0.26%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep27-Oct
DTYView DTY Details DignityFTSE 2501463p6.49p  0.44%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep31-Oct
LADView LAD Details LadbrokesFTSE 250135.8p4.3p  3.17%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep13-Nov
OMLView OML Details Old MutualFTSE 100202.4p2.45p  1.21%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep31-Oct
CNAView CNA Details CentricaFTSE 100324.4p5.1p  1.57%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep12-Nov
PHTMView PHTM Details Photo-Me InternationalFTSE SmallCap135.75p1.95p  1.44%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep06-Nov
QRTView QRT Details Quarto GroupMain Market145p3.35p  2.31%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep27-Oct
NSHView NSH Details NorishAIM41p0.0125  2.43%06-Mar   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep24-Oct
RDWView RDW Details RedrowFTSE 250278.9p2p  0.72%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep14-Nov
PDGView PDG Details PendragonFTSE SmallCap31.75p0.3p  0.94%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement24-Sep27-Oct
ALNTView ALNT Details AlentFTSE 250355.9p15p  4.21%*04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement29-Sep17-Oct
TMKView TMK Details Torchmark CorporationMain Market$77.86$0.1267  0.16%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
FSJView FSJ Details Fisher (James) & SonsFTSE 2501357p7.1p  0.52%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
BLNDView BLND Details British LandFTSE 100722p6.92p  0.96%16-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
ACMView ACM Details AccumuliAIM29p0.46p  1.59%24-Jun   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct15-Oct
SKGView SKG Details Smurfit Kappa GroupMain Market17.620.15375  0.87%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
AATGView AATG Details Albion Technology & General VCTMain Market78p1.25p  1.60%08-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
ISATView ISAT Details InmarsatFTSE 250701p$0.1868  1.61%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
ITRKView ITRK Details Intertek GroupFTSE 1002817p16p  0.57%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct14-Oct
AIEView AIE Details AniteFTSE SmallCap93p1.265p  1.36%02-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct28-Oct
KAYView KAY Details Kings Arms Yard VCTMain Market19.5p0.5p  2.56%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
RCPView RCP Details RIT Capital PartnersFTSE 2501369p14.7p  1.07%15-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
BOYView BOY Details BodycoteFTSE 250706p4.6p  0.65%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
SMDSView SMDS Details Smith (DS)FTSE 250287.7p6.8p  2.36%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
HNTView HNT Details HuntsworthFTSE SmallCap51p1p  1.96%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
IDOXView IDOX Details IDOXAIM44.75p0.325p  0.73%12-Jun   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct15-Oct
MGNSView MGNS Details Morgan Sindall GroupFTSE SmallCap837p12p  1.43%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct23-Oct
BBYView BBY Details Balfour BeattyFTSE 250239.6p5.6p  2.34%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Dec
SHIView SHI Details SIGFTSE 250186p1.42p  0.76%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
BRAMView BRAM Details BrammerFTSE SmallCap422.75p3.6p  0.85%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
JSGView JSG Details Johnson Service GroupAIM62.5p0.5p  0.80%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
WEIRView WEIR Details Weir GroupFTSE 1002705p15p  0.55%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
BEGView BEG Details Begbies Traynor GroupAIM52p1.6p  3.08%09-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
AV.View AV. Details AvivaFTSE 100525.5p5.85p  1.11%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct17-Nov
MYIView MYI Details Murray International TrustFTSE 2501105p10p  0.90%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct17-Nov
FPEOView FPEO Details F&C Private Equity TrustFTSE SmallCap221.75p5.39p  2.43%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
RMVView RMV Details RightmoveFTSE 2502491p13p  0.52%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
MACFView MACF Details Macfarlane GroupFTSE Fledgling40p0.5p  1.25%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct16-Oct
SPXView SPX Details Spirax-Sarco EngineeringFTSE 2502979p19.5p  0.65%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
COBView COB Details CobhamFTSE 250300.9p2.904p  0.97%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
HASView HAS Details HaysFTSE 250133.2p1.8p  1.35%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct14-Nov
WPPView WPP Details WPPFTSE 1001277p11.62p  0.91%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct10-Nov
TPKView TPK Details Travis PerkinsFTSE 1001725p12.25p  0.71%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct11-Nov
UTGView UTG Details Unite GroupFTSE 250438.3p2.2p  0.50%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
ALUView ALU Details Alumasc GroupFTSE Fledgling130p2.8p  2.15%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
CPSView CPS Details CPL ResourcesAIM570p0.05  0.70%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct03-Nov
IPPView IPP Details IPPlusAIM16p0.15p  0.94%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
BAFView BAF Details British & American Investment TrustFTSE Fledgling97p2.7p  2.78%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
SOGView SOG Details Statpro GroupAIM86p0.85p  0.99%06-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
SYNTView SYNT Details SynthomerFTSE 250233.5p3p  1.28%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
D1GOView D1GO Details Downing Planned Exit VCT 2011Main Market76.5p2.5p  3.27%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
STAFView STAF Details Staffline GroupAIM865p5p  0.58%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
SXSView SXS Details SpectrisFTSE 2501976p16p  0.81%25-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct12-Nov
CTRView CTR Details Charles TaylorFTSE SmallCap230p3.25p  1.41%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct28-Nov
AVRView AVR Details Avarae Global CoinsAIM11p0.15p  1.36%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct24-Oct
D1LOView D1LO Details Downing Planned Exit VCT 2011 Low CMain Market83.5p2.5p  2.99%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
KYGAView KYGA Details Kerry GroupMain Market57.50.135  0.23%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
TTGView TTG Details TT electronicsFTSE SmallCap170.25p1.7p  1.00%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct30-Oct
NBPOView NBPO Details New Britain Palm OilMain Market445p$0.15  2.03%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
MERView MER Details Mears GroupFTSE SmallCap466.5p2.85p  0.61%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct03-Nov
DJANView DJAN Details Daejan HoldingsFTSE 2504829p47p  0.97%09-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
D1SOView D1SO Details Downing Planned Exit VCT 2011 StructMain Market78.5p2.5p  3.18%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
BPIView BPI Details British Polythene IndustriesFTSE SmallCap619.5p5p  0.81%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
SMSView SMS Details Smart Metering SystemsAIM394.75p0.94p  0.24%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
ROLView ROL Details RotalaAIM59p0.65p  1.10%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct08-Dec
RR.View RR. Details Rolls-Royce HoldingsFTSE 1001031p9p  0.87%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct06-Jan
HSTNView HSTN Details Hansteen HoldingsFTSE 250102.1p2p  1.96%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct20-Nov
EDGFView EDGF Details Edge Performance VCT FMain Market72p7p  9.72%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct07-Nov
EDGGView EDGG Details Edge Performance VCT GMain Market75p7p  9.33%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct07-Nov
PNAView PNA Details Penna ConsultingAIM132p1.5p  1.14%10-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct20-Nov
INTUView INTU Details Intu PropertiesFTSE 100342.6p4.6p  1.34%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct25-Nov
HWDNView HWDN Details Howden Joinery GroupFTSE 250358.7p1.9p  0.53%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
MSLHView MSLH Details MarshallsFTSE SmallCap191.75p2p  1.04%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct05-Dec
IGGView IGG Details IG Group HoldingsFTSE 250609p22.4p  3.68%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct18-Nov
EDGIView EDGI Details Edge Performance VCT IMain Market87p7p  8.05%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct07-Nov
WMHView WMH Details William HillFTSE 250351.6p4p  1.14%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct05-Dec
MNZSView MNZS Details Menzies (John)FTSE SmallCap617.5p8.1p  1.31%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
SN.View SN. Details Smith & NephewFTSE 1001053p$0.11  0.63%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct11-Nov
BA.View BA. Details BAE SystemsFTSE 100455.6p8.2p  1.80%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct01-Dec
SNRView SNR Details SeniorFTSE 250291.7p1.67p  0.57%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct28-Nov
TLPRView TLPR Details Tullett PrebonFTSE 250272.2p5.6p  2.06%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct13-Nov
IDEAView IDEA Details IdeagenAIM34.5p0.1p  0.29%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct12-Nov
ZHEHView ZHEH Details Zhejiang Expressway CoMain Market63.4903pRMB0.06  0.93%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement24-Oct27-Nov
SIGView SIG Details Signet JewelersMain Market7159p$0.18  0.15%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement29-Oct25-Nov
LOOKView LOOK Details LookersFTSE SmallCap139.5p0.97p  0.70%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct28-Nov
PFGView PFG Details Provident FinancialFTSE 2502143p34.1p  1.59%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct28-Nov
NWFView NWF Details NWF GroupAIM145p4.1p  2.83%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct05-Dec
ITVView ITV Details ITVFTSE 100218.3p1.4p  0.64%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct01-Dec
MGAMView MGAM Details Morgan Advanced MaterialsFTSE 250319.9p3.9p  1.22%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov28-Nov
PICView PIC Details PaceFTSE 250330.3p1.326p  0.40%28-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
BNZLView BNZL Details BunzlFTSE 1001662p11p  0.66%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov02-Jan
HTGView HTG Details HuntingFTSE 250891.5p$0.081  0.55%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov26-Nov
EDVView EDV Details Elderstreet VCTMain Market75p2p  2.67%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov12-Dec
LRDView LRD Details LairdFTSE 250296p4.27p  1.44%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
STHRView STHR Details SThreeFTSE SmallCap346p4.7p  1.36%14-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
BSYView BSY Details British Sky Broadcasting GroupFTSE 100882p20p  2.27%25-Jul   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov05-Dec
ALLView ALL Details Allocate SoftwareAIM119p1.45p  1.22%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov05-Dec
CTHView CTH Details CareTech HoldingsAIM250p2.6p  1.04%12-Jun   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov28-Nov
DP2FView DP2F Details Downing Two VCT FMain Market86p2.5p  2.91%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP2GView DP2G Details Downing Two VCT GMain Market97p2.5p  2.58%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP3FView DP3F Details Downing Three VCT FMain Market91p2.5p  2.75%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP3DView DP3D Details Downing Three VCT DMain Market73p2.5p  3.42%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP2DView DP2D Details Downing Two VCT DMain Market73p2.5p  3.42%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
HILSView HILS Details Hill & Smith HoldingsFTSE SmallCap568.5p6.4p  1.13%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov06-Jan
DP3HView DP3H Details Downing Three VCT HMain Market105p5p  4.76%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
AMECView AMEC Details AMECFTSE 2501117p14.8p  1.32%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov05-Jan
APFView APF Details Anglo Pacific GroupFTSE SmallCap163.25p4.45p  2.73%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov04-Feb
MMCView MMC Details Management Consulting GroupFTSE SmallCap26.5p0.23p  0.87%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec06-Jan
TRSView TRS Details Tarsus GroupFTSE SmallCap212p2.4p  1.13%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec15-Jan
TTAView TTA Details TotalMain Market50.250.61  1.21%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement15-Dec17-Dec
BISIView BISI Details Bisichi MiningMain Market107p1p  0.93%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement08-Jan06-Feb

* indicates special dividend accompanied by a share consolidation

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