Upcoming UK Ex Dividend Dates

Ex Dividend Date:
Last updated: 30 Sep 2014

EPIC Name Market Share Price Dividend Yield Declaration Date Ex Dividend Date ▲ Payment Date
LBOWView LBOW Details ICG-Longbow Snr Sec UK Prop Debt InvFTSE SmallCap104p1.5p  1.44%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct17-Oct
LGTView LGT Details Lighthouse GroupAIM4.25p0.06p  1.41%22-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
JPIView JPI Details JPMorgan Income & Capital TrustFTSE Fledgling94p1.625p  1.73%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
ALAIView ALAI Details Aberdeen Latin American Income FundFTSE Fledgling76p1.25p  1.64%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
TMKView TMK Details Torchmark CorporationMain Market$77.86$0.1267  0.16%21-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
MNPView MNP Details Martin Currie Global Portfolio TrustFTSE SmallCap172.75p0.9p  0.52%15-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
FRPView FRP Details Fairpoint GroupAIM140p2.3p  1.64%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
ICTBView ICTB Details Investors Capital Trust BMain Market97p1.11p  1.14%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
ICTAView ICTA Details Investors Capital Trust AMain Market96p1.11p  1.16%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
FSJView FSJ Details Fisher (James) & SonsFTSE 2501340p7.1p  0.53%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
JNYView JNY Details Journey GroupAIM140p1.375p  0.98%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
BLNDView BLND Details British LandFTSE 100703p6.92p  0.98%16-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
ACMView ACM Details AccumuliAIM26.5p0.46p  1.74%24-Jun   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct15-Oct
RICAView RICA Details Ruffer Investment CompanyFTSE SmallCap202.5p1.7p  0.84%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
HGMView HGM Details Highland Gold MiningAIM52.5p2.5p  4.76%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
SCFView SCF Details Schroder Income Growth FundFTSE SmallCap263p4.1p  1.56%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
NAHView NAH Details NAHL GroupAIM219p5p  2.28%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
SKGView SKG Details Smurfit Kappa GroupMain Market17.270.15375  0.89%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
KWSView KWS Details Keywords StudiosAIM145p0.36p  0.25%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct21-Oct
NEPIView NEPI Details New Europe Property InvestmentsAIM9.250.1487  1.61%08-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct15-Oct
EPWNView EPWN Details Epwin GroupAIM108p1.41p  1.31%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
SDMView SDM Details Stadium GroupAIM92p0.7p  0.76%09-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
JMFView JMF Details JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment TstFTSE SmallCap736p12.5p  1.70%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct12-Nov
SFEView SFE Details Safestyle UKAIM174p3.1p  1.78%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
AATGView AATG Details Albion Technology & General VCTMain Market78p1.25p  1.60%08-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
HMLHView HMLH Details HML HoldingsAIM39p0.27p  0.69%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct15-Oct
ISATView ISAT Details InmarsatFTSE 250700.5p$0.1868  1.64%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
FRCLView FRCL Details Foreign & Colonial Inv TrustFTSE 250392.2p2.2p  0.56%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
ITRKView ITRK Details Intertek GroupFTSE 1002621p16p  0.61%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct14-Oct
BJUView BJU Details BrainJuicer GroupAIM430p1p  0.23%19-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct12-Nov
AIPView AIP Details Air PartnerFTSE Fledgling359.25p6.66p  1.85%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
TTRView TTR Details 32RedAIM56.5p1p  1.77%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
HHVTView HHVT Details Hargreave Hale AIM VCT2Main Market106p2p  1.89%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
HSDView HSD Details Hansard GlobalFTSE SmallCap101.5p5p  4.93%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct13-Nov
AIEView AIE Details AniteFTSE SmallCap87.25p1.265p  1.45%02-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct28-Oct
CLLView CLL Details Cello GroupAIM95p0.8p  0.84%17-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
MURView MUR Details Murgitroyd GroupAIM545p9.5p  1.74%08-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct14-Nov
IVIView IVI Details Invesco Income Growth TrustFTSE SmallCap275.5p2.1p  0.76%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
BMTOView BMTO Details Braime (T.F.& J.H.) (Holdings)AIM640p2.9p  0.45%09-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct17-Oct
SHRSView SHRS Details Shires IncomeFTSE SmallCap243.75p3p  1.23%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
AMSView AMS Details Advanced Medical Solutions GroupAIM123.5p0.22p  0.18%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
NBIView NBI Details Northbridge Industrial ServicesAIM580p2.2p  0.38%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct27-Oct
KAYView KAY Details Kings Arms Yard VCTMain Market19.5p0.5p  2.56%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
RCPView RCP Details RIT Capital PartnersFTSE 2501388p14.7p  1.06%15-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct24-Oct
MRWView MRW Details Morrison (Wm.) SupermarketsFTSE 100168.3p4.03p  2.39%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct10-Nov
BOYView BOY Details BodycoteFTSE 250671p4.6p  0.69%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct07-Nov
SMDSView SMDS Details Smith (DS)FTSE 250266.9p6.8p  2.55%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct03-Nov
HNTView HNT Details HuntsworthFTSE SmallCap49p1p  2.04%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
IDOXView IDOX Details IDOXAIM42.5p0.325p  0.76%12-Jun   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct15-Oct
NAITView NAIT Details North American Income TrustFTSE SmallCap852.5p6p  0.70%12-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
TNDView TND Details Tandem GroupAIM115p1.2p  1.04%19-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
MRCView MRC Details Mercantile Investment TrustFTSE 2501432p8p  0.56%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct31-Oct
MGNSView MGNS Details Morgan Sindall GroupFTSE SmallCap825p12p  1.45%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct23-Oct
CQSView CQS Details CQS Diversified FundFTSE Fledgling109.25p1p  0.92%04-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct29-Oct
BAGView BAG Details Barr (A.G.)FTSE 250619p3.11p  0.50%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct17-Oct
SOMView SOM Details Somero EnterprisesAIM130p$0.015  0.71%08-Sep   View Dividend Announcement01-Oct20-Oct
JPMView JPM Details JPMorgan Chase & Co.Main Market$57.57$0.4  0.69%16-Sep   View Dividend Announcement03-Oct31-Oct
RQIHView RQIH Details Randall & Quilter Inv HoldingsAIM139p3.4p  2.45%12-Sep   View Dividend Announcement08-Oct27-Oct
JPSLView JPSL Details JPMorgan Senior Secured Loan FundFTSE Fledgling101p2.25p  2.23%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
SHIView SHI Details SIGFTSE 250166.9p1.42p  0.85%12-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
BBYView BBY Details Balfour BeattyFTSE 250188.7p5.6p  2.97%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Dec
KGFView KGF Details KingfisherFTSE 100324.5p3.15p  0.97%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct14-Nov
CLIGView CLIG Details City of London Investment GroupFTSE SmallCap323.75p16p  4.94%15-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct31-Oct
BRAMView BRAM Details BrammerFTSE SmallCap376p3.6p  0.96%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
AT2View AT2 Details Amati VCT 2Main Market111p2.75p  2.48%29-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
JSGView JSG Details Johnson Service GroupAIM60p0.5p  0.83%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
CAMLView CAML Details Central Asia MetalsAIM172.5p5p  2.90%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct31-Oct
PILView PIL Details Produce InvestmentsAIM275p4.55p  1.65%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct30-Oct
GVCView GVC Details GVC HoldingsAIM505p0.15  2.32%22-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct03-Nov
WEIRView WEIR Details Weir GroupFTSE 1002516p15p  0.60%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
HYDGView HYDG Details Hydrogen GroupAIM93p1.5p  1.61%16-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
IPEView IPE Details Invesco Perpetual Enhanced IncomeMain Market75p1.25p  1.67%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct31-Oct
BEGView BEG Details Begbies Traynor GroupAIM48.5p1.6p  3.30%09-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
PHIView PHI Details Pacific Horizon Investment TrustFTSE SmallCap182p1.4p  0.77%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
AV.View AV. Details AvivaFTSE 100524.5p5.85p  1.12%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct17-Nov
MIG2View MIG2 Details Maven Income and Growth VCT 2Main Market56.75p1.85p  3.26%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct31-Oct
NARSView NARS Details Nationwide Accident Repair ServicesAIM86p1p  1.16%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
MYIView MYI Details Murray International TrustFTSE 2501096p10p  0.91%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct17-Nov
FPEOView FPEO Details F&C Private Equity TrustFTSE SmallCap219.75p5.39p  2.45%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
RMVView RMV Details RightmoveFTSE 2502159p13p  0.60%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
MACFView MACF Details Macfarlane GroupFTSE Fledgling39p0.5p  1.28%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct16-Oct
LWIView LWI Details Lowland Investment CompanyFTSE SmallCap1354p9p  0.66%19-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct31-Oct
OAP3View OAP3 Details Octopus Apollo VCTMain Market84p2.5p  2.98%29-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
AFSView AFS Details Amiad Water SystemsAIM240p$0.022  0.56%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct29-Oct
MHMView MHM Details Marsh & McLennan CompaniesMain Market$49.5$0.28  0.57%17-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct17-Nov
DSGView DSG Details Dillistone GroupAIM100p1.3p  1.30%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct13-Nov
SPXView SPX Details Spirax-Sarco EngineeringFTSE 2502831p19.5p  0.69%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
COBView COB Details CobhamFTSE 250290.9p2.904p  1.00%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
MRCHView MRCH Details Merchants TrustFTSE SmallCap484.5p5.9p  1.22%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct11-Nov
HASView HAS Details HaysFTSE 250116.4p1.8p  1.55%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct14-Nov
WPPView WPP Details WPPFTSE 1001244p11.62p  0.93%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct10-Nov
WPCView WPC Details Witan Pacific Investment TrustFTSE SmallCap229.5p2.1p  0.92%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct20-Oct
FGTView FGT Details Finsbury Growth & Income TrustFTSE SmallCap511.5p6.2p  1.21%22-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct10-Nov
RIVView RIV Details River and Mercantile GroupMain Market220p2.3p  1.05%04-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
CRAWView CRAW Details Crawshaw GroupAIM57p0.1p  0.18%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct31-Oct
CNKSView CNKS Details Cenkos SecuritiesAIM242p7p  2.89%17-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
TPKView TPK Details Travis PerkinsFTSE 1001669p12.25p  0.73%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct11-Nov
JDGView JDG Details Judges ScientificAIM1385p7.3p  0.53%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
UTGView UTG Details Unite GroupFTSE 250426.4p2.2p  0.52%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct07-Nov
ALUView ALU Details Alumasc GroupFTSE Fledgling133p2.8p  2.11%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
VZCView VZC Details Verizon CommunicationsMain Market$50.2$0.55  1.10%04-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct03-Nov
CPSView CPS Details CPL ResourcesAIM570p0.05  0.68%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct03-Nov
IPPView IPP Details IPPlusAIM16p0.15p  0.94%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
SPRPView SPRP Details Sprue AegisAIM299p2p  0.67%22-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct30-Oct
BAFView BAF Details British & American Investment TrustFTSE Fledgling94p2.7p  2.87%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
SOGView SOG Details Statpro GroupAIM81p0.85p  1.05%06-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct05-Nov
SYNTView SYNT Details SynthomerFTSE 250212.8p3p  1.41%11-Aug   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct06-Nov
GOODView GOOD Details Good Energy GroupAIM215p1p  0.47%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement09-Oct24-Oct
ABTView ABT Details Abbott LaboratoriesMain Market$41.85$0.22  0.53%12-Sep   View Dividend Announcement14-Oct15-Nov
D1GOView D1GO Details Downing Planned Exit VCT 2011Main Market76.5p2.5p  3.27%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
REDDView REDD Details ReddeAIM74.5p3.5p  4.70%04-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct06-Nov
STAFView STAF Details Staffline GroupAIM897.5p5p  0.56%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
CLINView CLIN Details Clinigen GroupAIM466p2.1p  0.45%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct07-Nov
SXSView SXS Details SpectrisFTSE 2501811p16p  0.88%25-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct12-Nov
MANXView MANX Details Manx TelecomAIM181p3.3p  1.82%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct10-Nov
JGCIView JGCI Details JPMorgan Glbl Convertibles Inc FndFTSE SmallCap109p2.25p  2.06%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct31-Oct
CTRView CTR Details Charles TaylorFTSE SmallCap264p3.25p  1.23%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct28-Nov
SUSView SUS Details S & UFTSE SmallCap1932p17p  0.88%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
AVRView AVR Details Avarae Global CoinsAIM11.25p0.15p  1.33%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct24-Oct
SECView SEC Details Strategic Equity CapitalFTSE Fledgling163.5p0.78p  0.48%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
D1LOView D1LO Details Downing Planned Exit VCT 2011 Low CMain Market83.5p2.5p  2.99%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
GFRDView GFRD Details Galliford TryFTSE 2501265p38p  3.00%16-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct28-Nov
KYGAView KYGA Details Kerry GroupMain Market56.240.135  0.24%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
TTGView TTG Details TT electronicsFTSE SmallCap167.5p1.7p  1.01%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct30-Oct
NBPOView NBPO Details New Britain Palm OilMain Market375p$0.15  2.46%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
MERView MER Details Mears GroupFTSE SmallCap437.25p2.85p  0.65%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct03-Nov
DJANView DJAN Details Daejan HoldingsFTSE 2504900p47p  0.96%09-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
SSYView SSY Details SCISYSAIM93p0.44p  0.47%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct13-Nov
D1SOView D1SO Details Downing Planned Exit VCT 2011 StructMain Market78.5p2.5p  3.18%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
LTGView LTG Details Learning Technologies GroupAIM18p0.03p  0.17%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
BPIView BPI Details British Polythene IndustriesFTSE SmallCap620.5p5p  0.81%29-Aug   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
SMSView SMS Details Smart Metering SystemsAIM380p0.94p  0.25%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct21-Nov
RSTView RST Details RestoreAIM229p0.8p  0.35%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct14-Nov
WOSView WOS Details WolseleyFTSE 1003239p55p  1.70%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct27-Nov
WILView WIL Details Wilmington GroupMain Market220.75p3.7p  1.68%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct10-Nov
CBGView CBG Details Close Brothers GroupFTSE 2501436p32.5p  2.26%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct25-Nov
BLCKView BLCK Details Blackstar Group SEAIM68p0.49p  0.72%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement16-Oct10-Nov
BNCView BNC Details Banco SantanderMain Market595p0.15  1.97%08-Sep   View Dividend Announcement20-Oct06-Nov
RCDOView RCDO Details RicardoFTSE SmallCap671p10.9p  1.62%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct14-Nov
ROLView ROL Details RotalaAIM59p0.65p  1.10%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct08-Dec
RR.View RR. Details Rolls-Royce HoldingsFTSE 100969p9p  0.93%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct06-Jan
CTYView CTY Details City of London Investment TrustFTSE 250373p3.75p  1.01%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct28-Nov
HVNView HVN Details Harvey Nash GroupFTSE Fledgling104p1.36p  1.31%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
GOALView GOAL Details Goals Soccer CentresAIM225p0.675p  0.30%03-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct28-Nov
HSTNView HSTN Details Hansteen HoldingsFTSE 250103.2p2p  1.94%27-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct20-Nov
TFWView TFW Details Thorpe (F.W.)AIM138p3.7p  2.68%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct20-Nov
EDGFView EDGF Details Edge Performance VCT FMain Market72p7p  9.72%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct07-Nov
HSPView HSP Details Hargreaves ServicesAIM571p16.7p  2.92%09-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
EDGGView EDGG Details Edge Performance VCT GMain Market75p7p  9.33%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct07-Nov
PNAView PNA Details Penna ConsultingAIM140p1.5p  1.07%10-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct20-Nov
SMINView SMIN Details Smiths GroupFTSE 1001268p27.5p  2.17%17-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
INTUView INTU Details Intu PropertiesFTSE 100322.8p4.6p  1.43%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct25-Nov
HWDNView HWDN Details Howden Joinery GroupFTSE 250339.7p1.9p  0.56%24-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
MSLHView MSLH Details MarshallsFTSE SmallCap199.5p2p  1.00%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct05-Dec
IGGView IGG Details IG Group HoldingsFTSE 250595p22.4p  3.76%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct18-Nov
EDGIView EDGI Details Edge Performance VCT IMain Market87p7p  8.05%26-Jun   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct07-Nov
WMHView WMH Details William HillFTSE 250370.3p4p  1.08%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct05-Dec
MNZSView MNZS Details Menzies (John)FTSE SmallCap569.5p8.1p  1.42%19-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct21-Nov
JDWView JDW Details Wetherspoon (JD)FTSE 250803p8p  1.00%12-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct27-Nov
HYNSView HYNS Details Haynes Publishing GroupFTSE Fledgling185p4p  2.16%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct13-Nov
ISGView ISG Details ISGAIM320p4.91p  1.53%09-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct09-Dec
SN.View SN. Details Smith & NephewFTSE 1001044p$0.11  0.65%01-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct11-Nov
BA.View BA. Details BAE SystemsFTSE 100473p8.2p  1.73%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct01-Dec
SNRView SNR Details SeniorFTSE 250269.3p1.67p  0.62%04-Aug   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct28-Nov
TLPRView TLPR Details Tullett PrebonFTSE 250269.7p5.6p  2.08%29-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct13-Nov
BNKRView BNKR Details Bankers Investment TrustFTSE 250564.5p3.7p  0.66%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct28-Nov
IDEAView IDEA Details IdeagenAIM32.5p0.1p  0.31%22-Jul   View Dividend Announcement23-Oct12-Nov
ZHEHView ZHEH Details Zhejiang Expressway CoMain Market61.811pRMB0.06  0.97%01-Sep   View Dividend Announcement24-Oct27-Nov
OTV4View OTV4 Details Octopus Titan VCT 4Main Market100p15p  15.00%16-Sep   View Dividend Announcement28-Oct28-Nov
OTV5View OTV5 Details Octopus Titan VCT 5Main Market95.5p10p  10.47%16-Sep   View Dividend Announcement28-Oct28-Nov
SIGView SIG Details Signet JewelersMain Market7078p$0.18  0.16%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement29-Oct25-Nov
AIEAView AIEA Details AireaAIM13p0.6p  4.62%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct26-Nov
LOOKView LOOK Details LookersFTSE SmallCap134p0.97p  0.72%13-Aug   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct28-Nov
SAAView SAA Details M&C SaatchiAIM274.25p1.4p  0.51%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct14-Nov
PFGView PFG Details Provident FinancialFTSE 2502135p34.1p  1.60%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct28-Nov
MOSBView MOSB Details Moss Bros GroupFTSE SmallCap98.25p1.7p  1.73%22-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct27-Nov
HFGView HFG Details Hilton Food GroupFTSE SmallCap419.25p3.8p  0.91%09-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct28-Nov
ELXView ELX Details El OroMain Market78p3.7p  4.74%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct24-Nov
BDEVView BDEV Details Barratt DevelopmentsFTSE 250397.2p7.1p  1.79%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct20-Nov
GOGView GOG Details Go-Ahead GroupFTSE 2502541p59p  2.32%04-Sep   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct14-Nov
NWFView NWF Details NWF GroupAIM150p4.1p  2.73%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct05-Dec
ITVView ITV Details ITVFTSE 100208.3p1.4p  0.67%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement30-Oct01-Dec
ASHMView ASHM Details Ashmore GroupFTSE 250308.1p12p  3.89%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
MGAMView MGAM Details Morgan Advanced MaterialsFTSE 250298.3p3.9p  1.31%23-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov28-Nov
PICView PIC Details PaceFTSE 250299.6p1.326p  0.44%28-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
ABCView ABC Details ABCAMAIM402.25p5.62p  1.40%09-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov28-Nov
ASYView ASY Details Andrews Sykes GroupAIM320p11.9p  3.72%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov02-Dec
TMMGView TMMG Details The Mission Marketing GroupAIM40.25p0.25p  0.62%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
JMOView JMO Details JPMorgan Overseas Inv TrustFTSE SmallCap975.5p15p  1.54%29-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
BNZLView BNZL Details BunzlFTSE 1001612p11p  0.68%26-Aug   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov02-Jan
HTGView HTG Details HuntingFTSE 250893p$0.081  0.56%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov26-Nov
RGSView RGS Details RegenersisAIM235p2.68p  1.14%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
EDVView EDV Details Elderstreet VCTMain Market73p2p  2.74%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov12-Dec
ECWOView ECWO Details Ecofin Water & Power OppsFTSE SmallCap162p1.8125p  1.12%08-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov28-Nov
LRDView LRD Details LairdFTSE 250311.9p4.27p  1.37%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
PPEView PPE Details ProVen Planned Exit VCTMain Market77p6p  7.79%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov19-Nov
STHRView STHR Details SThreeFTSE SmallCap349.5p4.7p  1.34%14-Jul   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov05-Dec
DPHView DPH Details Dechra PharmaceuticalsFTSE 250759p10.65p  1.40%08-Sep   View Dividend Announcement06-Nov21-Nov
BSYView BSY Details British Sky Broadcasting GroupFTSE 100883p20p  2.27%25-Jul   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov05-Dec
JRGView JRG Details Just Retirement GroupFTSE 250130.9p2.2p  1.68%18-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov08-Dec
AHCGView AHCG Details Action HotelsAIM74p0.72p  0.97%15-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov27-Nov
DX.View DX. Details DX (Group)AIM113.5p2p  1.76%29-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov12-Dec
PNSView PNS Details Panther SecuritiesAIM335p3p  0.90%25-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov27-Nov
FIFView FIF Details Finsbury Food GroupAIM62p0.75p  1.21%22-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov10-Dec
CRWView CRW Details CranewareAIM520p6.8p  1.31%16-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov16-Dec
ALLView ALL Details Allocate SoftwareAIM117p1.45p  1.24%02-Sep   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov05-Dec
CTHView CTH Details CareTech HoldingsAIM245p2.6p  1.06%12-Jun   View Dividend Announcement13-Nov28-Nov
JPGView JPG Details Jupiter Primadona Growth TrustFTSE Fledgling293p1.6p  0.55%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
LFIView LFI Details London Finance & Investment GroupFTSE Fledgling34p0.45p  1.32%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP2FView DP2F Details Downing Two VCT FMain Market86p2.5p  2.91%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP2GView DP2G Details Downing Two VCT GMain Market97p2.5p  2.58%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP3FView DP3F Details Downing Three VCT FMain Market91p2.5p  2.75%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
BUTView BUT Details Brunner Investment TrustFTSE SmallCap537.5p3.2p  0.60%30-Sep   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov19-Dec
DP3DView DP3D Details Downing Three VCT DMain Market73p2.5p  3.42%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
DP2DView DP2D Details Downing Two VCT DMain Market77p2.5p  3.25%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
HILSView HILS Details Hill & Smith HoldingsFTSE SmallCap564p6.4p  1.13%05-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov06-Jan
GNSView GNS Details GenusFTSE 2501137p12.2p  1.07%03-Sep   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov05-Dec
GLEView GLE Details Gleeson (M J) GroupFTSE SmallCap400p4.9p  1.23%29-Sep   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov17-Dec
DP3HView DP3H Details Downing Three VCT HMain Market105p5p  4.76%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement20-Nov12-Dec
AMECView AMEC Details AMECFTSE 2501105p14.8p  1.34%07-Aug   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov05-Jan
OGNView OGN Details Origin EnterprisesAIM8.10.2  2.47%24-Sep   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov12-Dec
DNLMView DNLM Details Dunelm GroupFTSE 250828.5p15p  1.81%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov19-Dec
MKLWView MKLW Details Mucklow (A.& J.) GroupFTSE SmallCap430.5p11.19p  2.60%03-Sep   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov02-Jan
APFView APF Details Anglo Pacific GroupFTSE SmallCap133.75p4.45p  3.33%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement27-Nov04-Feb
SLNGView SLNG Details Slingsby (H.C.)AIM425p2p  0.47%26-Sep   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec02-Jan
CVSGView CVSG Details CVS GroupAIM351p2.5p  0.71%19-Sep   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec22-Dec
MMCView MMC Details Management Consulting GroupFTSE SmallCap25.5p0.23p  0.90%31-Jul   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec06-Jan
TRSView TRS Details Tarsus GroupFTSE SmallCap220p2.4p  1.09%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec15-Jan
NXTView NXT Details NextFTSE 1006615p50p  0.76%11-Sep   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec02-Jan
TCSCView TCSC Details Town Centre SecuritiesFTSE SmallCap256p7.34p  2.87%17-Sep   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec05-Jan
APHView APH Details Alliance PharmaAIM33.5p0.333p  0.99%10-Sep   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec15-Jan
JD.View JD. Details JD Sports FashionFTSE 250431.8p1.15p  0.27%17-Sep   View Dividend Announcement04-Dec09-Jan
INLView INL Details Inland HomesAIM50p0.6p  1.20%29-Sep   View Dividend Announcement11-Dec09-Jan
KBTView KBT Details K3 Business Technology GroupAIM233p1.25p  0.54%15-Sep   View Dividend Announcement11-Dec16-Jan
NETView NET Details NetcallAIM63p0.9p  1.43%23-Sep   View Dividend Announcement11-Dec12-Jan
TTAView TTA Details TotalMain Market52.220.61  1.17%30-Jul   View Dividend Announcement15-Dec17-Dec
BISIView BISI Details Bisichi MiningMain Market100p1p  1.00%28-Aug   View Dividend Announcement08-Jan06-Feb

Ex Dividend Date

The ex dividend date is the date which is used to decide which shareholders will receive a dividend payment. Shareholders who own shares in the company before the market opens on the ex dividend date will receive a dividend payment. Shares bought on or after the ex dividend date will not qualify for the dividend.

This page shows upcoming ex dividend dates for ordinary shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. In addition the following information is provided:

Dividend Declaration RNS - The 'Declaration Date' column contains a link to the official RNS announcement which contains the dividend declaration by the company. This link can be used to confirm the information on this page and to obtain further information about the dividend and the company.

Yield - The 'Yield' column in the table shows the current declared dividend as a percentage of the current share price. This is the percentage the company's share price is expected to fall by when the market opens on the ex dividend date.

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